Alligator Baby Band, Montreal, Quebec "Despite the last-minute notice, the freezing weather and the nighttime lighting (or lack thereof), Jerry Fei managed to pull off the impossible: he churned out great professional photos of my band, Alligator Baby. I was impressed by his creativity, improvisational skills and resourcefulness in capturing the spirit of my band and my band's music and all with almost no time to prepare! He was professional, friendly and patient with us and we look forward to working with him again in the near future. He made the most out of a far from ideal situation and although we did not give him much to work with, we are more than satisfied with the results. Thanks Jerry, for your exceptional work!"

Olivia Balanga-Santos - lead singer of Alligator Baby, Montreal, Quebec

Photo of Christina Devries, Miss Philippines of the World 2011 "I originally met Jerry Fei on the runway while I was modelling for a 3 day show in Toronto known as the The Clothing Show in fall of 2011. Out of the cluster of photographers fighting for perfect shots at the end of the runway, his shots of me were both artistic and impeccable. Not only did he capture the beauty and moment of the clothes I was wearing, he captured me as person at my very best, and as a model this sometimes is a rare occurrence because the clothes come first. Obviously, I am very proud to put his pictures in the front of my portfolio. It is also evident that Jerry Fei only chooses to post the best of the best pictures online; a sense of decency which is rare these days amongst many photographers I have met. As a public figure and model, I can not stress how much I loath when a photographer publishes their photos simply because they like their own shots more than portraying the subject(s) at their best.
I am very thankful to have kept in touch with Jerry Fei. We recently shot a beautiful artistic scene in a park near my home in Toronto, and in the time since seeing him last his skills grew, so naturally he outdid my expectations. He was amazing as always."

Christina Devries – Miss Philippines of the World 2011, Etobicoke, Ontario

Angel Tsang, Markham, Canada
"還記得第一次跟Jerry合作時的感覺及印象,第一次和大師去開房照片haha心情又緊張又興奮. Jerry他在工作上非常專業,也很冷靜.在照相時那專注的神情讓我感受到他認真的態度和敬業的精神. 他的個性一樣,俐落爽朗! 好希望將來有機會再和Jerry合作照不一樣風格的相片. 我永遠不會忘記和Jerry初次合作時那種安靜又放心的氛圍. 你是最好的! 謝謝你:)"

Angel Tsang - 加拿大國家電視台(Canada National TV) - 女人幫幫忙主持人, Markham, Ontario

Yang Miao

"It was such a fun and great experience to shoot with you Jerry! Thank you so much for making me look like one of those pretty cover girls in a magazine! You really take amazing pictures! "

Yang Miao, Toronto, Ontario

Ansa Mao at Kariya Park, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"一個好的攝影師需要的不僅僅是對於器材的掌控,更重要的是對於人的把握。 和Jerry的拍攝過程輕松愉快, 再平凡的女生在他的鏡頭下也會變得閃閃發光。"

Ansa Mao, Toronto, Ontario

Photo of Suky Ing
"My family and I went to Jerry looking for a fresh perspective for a family portrait different from the usual studio picture. Jerry showed us some ideas and he did most of work in setting us up. We are extremely thrilled with the results. The lighting, layout, setting and action shots were amazing. We showed our pictures to family and friends and they liked them alot as well. Jerry was a professional, creative but easy going to work with. We highly recommend Jerry and would consider working with him again."

Suky Ing, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Photo of Hyun-Ju Lee and Justin Foong

"Thank you Jerry for capturing these beautiful moments in our lives. We will treasure them forever."

Hyun-Ju Lee and Justin Foong, North York, Ontario

Photo of Rachel LegsMartin.

"Being my first time modeling I was pretty nervous about the photo shoot, but luckily I had Jerry Fei as a photographer. I found he was very professional and made me feel more comfortable during the shoot. As well as being such a talented photographer the pictures themselves turned out stunning. It was truly a pleasure working with him."

Rachel LegsMartin, Toronto, Ontario

Photo of Craig Wedseltoft

"The fact that Jerry can make me look good is testament to his skills."

Craig Wedseltoft, Toronto, Ontario

Geya Liu, Ontario, Canada
"I had lots of fun with the photographer (Jerry Fei) while doing the photo-shoot. He made me feel comfortable and captured my most natural moments. The photos turned out amazing, which bring out my personality and wipe out my shyness :D
Thank you so much Jerry, I will definitely come back again!"

Geya Liu, Toronto, Ontario

Sherry Chen

"I had a great time with you and you were really fun to work with! When I received the pictures, I was so surprised because they exceeded all my expectations. We couldn't find the best place for my character but you were able to work your way around and turn it into a completely different world! You were also able to capture so many beautiful sides of me that I've never seen before. I was camera shy but you put me at ease with many laughters exchanged throughout the photoshoot. Thank you very much Jerry for creating such wonderful pictures, I will cherish them forever."

Sherry Chen, Montreal, Quebec

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